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Temporary Early Childhood Employment Bulletin Board

In an effort to assist School Readiness and VPK child care providers with their temporary staffing needs during the COVID-19 crisis, the Early Learning Coalition of Polk County will temporarily be providing a list of job openings available at child care facilities that remain open and are currently serving children, ages birth through school age.  The job postings herein are a community service and do not represent an endorsement of the organization’s employment practices.   Coalition staff do not provide recommendations for applicants or employers, and the Coalition will not be involved in any provider’s hiring practices, employment agreements/contracts or other legal matters.    Applicants should exercise their own judgment about which job constitutes the best fit for them.  Please contact the child care facility directly by e-mail or telephone if you are interested in any of the positions listed below.


A reminder for all child care center owners/operations — All child care staff must meet DCF training and other employment requirements.   Also, as always, all staff must have a current file available on-site.  For more information, please refer to DCF’s website at https://www.myflfamilies.com/service-programs/child-care/laws-and-requirements.shtml. DCF Child Care staff can also be reached at (863)499-2222.

If you have a vacancy you would like us to post, please send a request to Kim Anderson at KimAnderson@elcpolk.org.  Please include the following information in your e-mail request:  your site name, a contact name (owner/operator or director), site address, phone number, email address, and vacancy type (teacher/age group).


Site Name: Kinder Kollege Enrichment Center, Inc
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Mallory Stallings
Site Address: 3593 Central Ave, Alturas FL, 33820
Phone Number: 863-241-8861
E-mail Address: Kinderkollegeec@gmail.com
Vacancy Type: 2 year old room

Site Name: Little Einstein Preschool LLC
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Becky
Site Address: 3034 Atlantic Av. Lakeland , FL 33801
Phone Number: 863-937-8264
E-mail Address: peasinapot2@yahoo.com
Vacancy Type: 2 year old teacher & floater

Site Name: Little Einstein Preschool Site 2 and 3
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Shellie Folds
Site Address: 1151 1st South Winter Haven, FL 33880
Phone Number: 863-875-7963
E-mail Address: peasinapot2@yahoo.com
Vacancy Type: One year old teacher & VPK assistant

Site Name: Learning Station
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Melissa Toribio
Site Address: 929 Fairlane Dr. Lakeland, FL 33810
Phone Number: 863-853-8980
E-mail Address: learningstationpreschool.llc@gmail.com
Vacancy Type: Infant/Toddler classroom (Afternoons)

Site Name: Head of the Class Learning Center
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Baccar Ennayal
Site Address: 1836 Kathleen Rd. Lakeland, FL 33805
Phone Number: 813-336-9086
E-mail Address: baccar_999@hotmail.com
Vacancy Type: 2 year old room teacher

Site Name: First Academy Preschool-Auburndale
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Bronson Bowen
Site Address: 614 Main St. Auburndale, FL 33823
Phone Number: 863-967-7735
E-mail Address: freepreschool@yahoo.com
Vacancy Type: 3 year old & VPK Classrooms

Site Name: Kid’s Choice Academy Learning Center, LLC
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Johanna Figueroa or Melinda Cox
Site Address: 1509 W Memorial Blvd, Lakeland, FL 33815
Phone Number: 863-940-9000
E-mail Address: kidschoice863@gmail.com
Vacancy Type: Positons changed to VPK teacher with all VPK requirements and Level 2 background

Site Name: The Children Of The King Learning Center
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Carille Etienne
Site Address: 1592-1594 Havendale Blvd. NW Winter Haven, FL 33881
Phone Number: 407-493-4197
E-mail Address: Vavoune1830.ce@gmail.com
Vacancy Type: Teachers and a Director

Site Name: All Aboard Learning Station
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Latanya Bell-Carson
Site Address: 505 Peoples Lane Lakeland, FL 33815
Phone Number: 863-940-2882
E-mail Address: aalsllc@yahoo.com
Vacancy Type: 1 and 2 year old Teachers. 45 DCF Hours Preferred

Site Name: Kiddie Korner
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Ashley Vazquez
Site Address: 400 Avenue C SE Winter Haven, FL 33880
Phone Number: 863-294-3375
E-mail Address: 1KiddieKorner@gmail.com
Vacancy Type: Credentialed (CDA) Teachers Preferred, 45 DCF Hours Required

Site Name: Beacon Hill Preschool
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Ann Tucker
Site Address: 801 W. Beacon Rd. Lakeland, FL 33803
Phone Number: 863-687-7910
E-mail Address: atucker.bhps@gmail.com
Vacancy Type: Toddler and 3 year old teachers. 45 DCF Hours required, FCCPC preferred

Site Name: Miss Adele’s Learning Center
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Devera Losson
Site Address: 1804 Richmond Rd. Lakeland, FL 33803
Phone Number: 863-682-3531
E-mail Address: deveralosson@aol.com
Vacancy Type: 2 & 3 year old Teachers, VPK Assistant Teacher. 45 DCF Hours Required, FCCPC/CDA preferred

Site Name: Bethel’s Kids Kare
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Swati Patel
Site Address: 75 Don Polston Drive, Eagle Lake, FL 33839
Phone Number: 863-875-5572
E-mail Address: swati27is@gmail.com
Vacancy Type: Toddler teacher

Site Name: Kids Academy of Eagle Lake
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Melissa Irizarry
Site Address: 551 E Eagle Lake Av, Eagle Lake, FL 33839
Phone Number: 863-268-8049
E-mail Address: kaeaglelake@gmail.com
Vacancy Type: 3 year old classroom, 45 DCF hours required & VPK Classroom (CDA) preferred.

Site Name: Pathway of Lakeland
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Jean Roldan
Site Address: 1942 W. Memorial Blvd. Lakeland, FL 33815
Phone Number: 863-686-8753
E-mail Address: pathway1942@aol.com
Vacancy Type: Younger 2’s classroom, Full-time position

Site Name: The Early Years CDC #2
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Ashlee Jackson or Amanda Reimann
Site Address: 2933 Duff Road, Lakeland FL 33810
Phone Number: 863-450-2995
E-mail Address: theearlyyearscdc@yahoo.com or parentsrock15@gmail.com
Vacancy Type: Nights and Saturday Teacher (mixed ages), Different Shifts (Schedule: 6am-1pm/2pm-7pm/5pm-9pm)

Site Name: Maritza Daycare Inc
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Maritza Higgins or Chris Remus
Site Address: 5100 US HWY 98 N, Unit 10, Lakeland, Fl 33809
Phone Number: 863-606-1571
E-mail Address: maritzasdaycare@gmail.com
Vacancy Type: 1-year-old teacher (CDA or equivalent required) and 3-year-old lead teacher (CDA or equivalent required)

Site Name: Academy at Peoples Church
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Jennifer Spivey
Site Address: 3800 Recker Hwy. Winter Haven, FL  33880
Phone Number: 863-299-3398
E-mail Address: jspivey@pcwh.org
Vacancy Type: (1) VPK lead teacher: Must have 45 hours and VPK certification. This could be full-time Or part-time. (2) Teacher’s assistant, could be full-time or part-time. DCF hours not mandatory to start, but must be willing to take the necessary DCF classes.

Site Name: Bright Start Early Learning Center
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Michelle Bess
Site Address: 216 Ave P NE Winter Haven, FL  33881
Phone Number: 863-268-8264
Vacancy Type: (1) 1- 3year old teacher. (2) VPK Assistant.

Site Name: Safe and Sound Childcare
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Janet Hall
Site Address: 580 E Laurel Ave. Eagle Lake, FL 33839
Phone Number: 863-299-4748
Vacancy Type: (1) 4 year teacher. (2) After School teacher.

Site Name: Treehouse Preschool Academy
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Carisa Barwick
Site Address: 1115 E. Memorial Blvd., Lakeland, FL 33801
Phone Number: 863-687-8733
E-mail Address: carisa@treehouselearning.org
Vacancy Type: 1’s assistant teacher (9am-6pm) (2 positions), 2’s teacher assistant (12-6 pm)

Site Name: First Steps Education, Inc.
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Rachel Erwine
Site Address: 1712 West Chase St., Lakeland, Fl 33815
Phone Number: 863-683-3629
E-mail Address: rachelerwine@firststepseducation.com
Vacancy Type: 2 & 3 year old Teachers, 45 DCF Hours Required, FCCPC/CDA preferred

Site Name: Ms Kristin’s Kinder Academy
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Sandra Angulo
Site Address: 923 Fairlane Drive Lakeland, FL 33809
Phone Number: 863-937-9153
E-mail Address: sandra@kristinsacademy.com
Vacancy Type: One year old teacher

Site Name: Futurecare Learning Center
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Jobe Ream
Site Address: 412 Old Winter Haven Road Auburndale, FL 33823
Phone Number: 863-967-4880
E-mail Address: jobeream@me.com
Vacancy Type:(1) 3 Year Old Teacher, Experience preferred, but willing to work with right employee. Hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. (2) A teacher for 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm shift.

Site Name: Just 4 Kids Preschool Inc.
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Beth Palmer
Site Address: 801 NW 3rd Street, Mulberry, FL 33860
Phone Number: 863-869-9624
E-mail Address: just4kidsmulberry@gmail.com
Vacancy Type:Lead Toddler Teacher

Site Name: Academy at Peoples Church
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Jennifer Spivey
Site Address: 3800 Recker Hwy, Winter Haven, FL 33880
Phone Number: 863-299-3398
E-mail Address: jspivey@pcwh.org
Vacancy Type:VPK lead teacher: Must have 45 hours and VPK certification, could be full- time OR part-time. Please send DCF transcripts and resumes to jspivey@pcwh.org

Site Name: Early Childhood Learning Center
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Jadie Gries Director, Linda Cookson Manager
Site Address: 3135 Airside Center Drive
Phone Number: 863-647-3322
E-mail Address: info@polkids.com
Vacancy Type: CDA credential teacher and Afternoon teacher

Site Name: Taylor Learning Center
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Cheryl Taylor
Site Address: 827 White Lane, Lakeland, FL. 33813
Phone Number: 863-647-9510
E-mail Address: cheryl4tlc@tampabay.rr.com
Vacancy Type: Credentialed (CDA) Teachers Preferred, 45 DCF Hours Required Full Time employment (40hrs)

Site Name: Trinity Believe Academy
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Chelsea Epps
Site Address: 2795 N. 10th Street Haines City, FL 33844
Phone Number: 863-438-2758
E-mail Address: cepps@trinityicc.com
Vacancy Type: One year old teacher, 3 year old teacher, and Floater.

Site Name: Lil’ Scholar Daycare Center
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Gladys Cisneros, Susan Scott
Site Address: 3112 Havendale Blvd Nw Winter Haven FL 33880
Phone Number: 863-875-9290
E-mail Address: lilscholardaycarecenter@gmail.com
Vacancy Type: 2 & 3 year old Teachers, VPK Assistant Teacher. 45 DCF Hours Required. Sign on Bonus

Site Name: Bright Imaginations Learning Center
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Alecia Hollinger
Site Address: 3915 Old Rd. 37, Lakeland 33813
Phone Number: 407-928-8511
E-mail Address: aleciaandreggie@gmail.com
Vacancy Type: Lead Preschool Teachers All Ages, Assistant Preschool Teachers all ages
Accredited Preschool Learning Environment seeking to hire and retain dedicated persons with a genuine love for children. Must clear level I and II background screening, Must be willing to obtain basic childcare training immediately or have DCF Mandated Trainings (45hrs).

Site Name: Bright Imaginations Kiddie College
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Alecia Hollinger
Site Address: 6075 South Florida Ave Lakeland 33813
Phone Number: 407-928-8511
E-mail Address: aleciaandreggie@gmail.com
Vacancy Type: Lead Preschool Teachers All Ages, Assistant Preschool Teachers all ages

Site Name: Ridge Christian Academy
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Jessica Cortes
Site Address: 41219 Highway 27 Davenport, FL 33837
Phone Number: 863-420-2885
E-mail Address: jcortes@ridgechristianacademy.org
Vacancy Type: VPK Lead Teacher and a Preschool Teacher

Site Name: Winterset Preschool & Childcare
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Melanie Richards
Site Address: 6336 Cypress Gardens Blvd Winter Haven FL 33880
Phone Number: 863-662-4723
E-mail Address: director@hppreschool.com
Vacancy Type: 3 year old Teacher and VPK Assistant

Site Name: Oasis Christian Academy
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Teresa Wilson
Site Address: 92 High Street Winter Haven, FL 33880
Phone Number: 863-287-7482
E-mail Address: TWilson@ocalions.org
Vacancy Type: Substitutes for K-3 and VPK classes

Site Name: Mary’s Little Lambs Enrichment Center LLC
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Mary Foster
Site Address: 1030 Olive Street, Lakeland, FL, 33815
Phone Number: 863-944-0491
E-mail Address: maryfoster863@gmail.com
Vacancy Type: 2 year old and 3 year old teacher (45 Hours Preferred); Director with experience preferred

Site Name: Chris Childcare Center
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Angela Mathews / Director
Site Address: 200 Ave Q NE Winter Haven, FL 33881
Phone Number: 863-293-2258
E-mail Address: ammathews91@gmail.com
Vacancy Type: Infant/Toddler Teacher

Site Name: Children’s Village Enrichment Center
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Susan Austin-Tardy
Site Address: 7215 US Hwy 98 N, Lakeland FL 33809
Phone Number: 863-859-1981
E-mail Address: Childrens.village.ec@gmail.com
Vacancy Type: 3-4 year old teacher and 2-3 year old teacher

Site Name: St. John’s Christian School
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Jackie Williams
Site Address: 1800 Cypress Gardens Blvd in Winter Haven, FL 33884
Phone Number: 863-326-1638 Ext: 106
E-mail Address: jackie@sjum.org
Vacancy Type: Floater/Afternoon teacher

Site Name: Lobban Family Childcare Home
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Theresa Lobban
Site Address: 618 Julius T Horney Drive, Lakeland, FL
Phone Number: 863-812-3729
E-mail Address: tlobban@live.com
Vacancy Type: Substitute position for: 4 months old-12 years old.

Site Name: First United Methodist Church Preschool
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Cherry McClellan
Site Address: 72 Lake Morton Drive, Lakeland, FL 33801
Phone Number: 863-683-9049
E-mail Address: cmcclellan@firstumc.org
Vacancy Type: Full-time position for a teacher for children 2-4 years old.

Site Name: Kids Core Learning Center Inc
Contact Name (Owner/Director): Betty Marcano
Site Address: 905 Scott Ln Davenport FL 33896
Phone Number: 863-424-0760
E-mail Address: Kidscorelc@gmail.com

Vacancy Type: Infant/Toddler classroom , and 3 years old classroom

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